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Debut Album "Friday Night Epitaph" voted 8th Best Independent Release of the year by Music critic Lisa Whealey for Independent Clauses in the USA                  

Premier Album "Friday Night Epitaph" voté 8ème Meilleur album indépendant de l'année par la critique Lisa Whealey aux USA                                                         
















































"This album is indie gold (...) mind-numbing brilliance (...) born out of a incredible skill of multicultural songwriting. Cyclope Espion has transformed the grit of New York City back to a place of beauté complexe, a place that immerses the listeners"

(Independent Clauses -USA)

"Feelings mix with music in the most sincere way"

(Veglam -France)

"Makes an impressive go at putting out original folk-pop music (...) showcases a unique artistic perspective and strong musical talent"

(24Our Music -Canada)

"Loin des albums faits et refaits, retravaillés à outrance et finalement un peu lisses, « Friday Night Epitaph » a fière allure avec ses faux airs de one shot qui donnent à des titres comme « Faux départ», « Wishful Thinking », « Mad Love & The Self » ou encore « Indélébile » de vrais airs de grandes œuvres"

(Zicazic -France)

"Avec des morceaux pop chantés en français mettant au premier plan sa plume poétique et sa voix juste que sont « Faux Départ » et « Indélébile » (...) Cyclope Espion nous impressionne avec des titres mélodiques comme « Wishful Thinking », Snapdragon » et « Mad Love & The Self » (...) le frenchy s’en tire avec les honneurs en enchaînant aussi bien des morceaux plus électriques comme le fougueux « D.B. Cooper » que d’autres plus émouvants comme la ballade pianistique de « Satellite»(...). Sophistiqué et ingénieux.

(Les Oreilles Curieuses -France)

"If Joey Ramone and Pete Doherty were French"

(Krah Krah Krah -Austria)

"A superb singer-songwriter (...) he belongs to the small guild of singer-songwriters who can create fascinating songs from most simple ingredients. A true gem"

(S.B. Schreiber -Bulgaria)

"Spectacular I really really really enjoyed it- strong singing songs and productions all terrific really well done! The record blew me away"

(Dave Keyes - Bluesman & Pianist for Ronnie Spector and Poppa Chubby)

"I quite like it! An indie crooner in the Aznavour tradition!"

(Walter Lure - Punk legend, Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers)

Limited Edition Deluxe CD Available on:


CD en édition Limitée Deluxe disponible sur:



-CD Baby

Limited Edition Deluxe CD can also be purchased in Japan at the following locations:

-Rough & Raw (Kobe)

-HSKWKF Hoshikawa Cafe (Kumagaya)

Cyclope Espion

Debut Album "Friday Night Epitaph"

Produced by Nate Kohrs

201a Records (Brooklyn/New York)



"The best music tells a story. Finding a voice in America, French-born Cyclope Espion’s Friday Night Epitaph is the story of New York City. With every raw, Dylan-esque moment, this album is “Indélébile” from start to finish."      
                                      (Lisa Whealy - Independent Clauses)

This site is meant to show both sides of Cyclope Espion: its original Lo-Fi/home-taped songs as well as its new studio incarnation.


However, with a studio album just released, it has been decided to concentrate on this aspect of Cyclope Espion's music for now.

The debut album- entitled "Friday Night Epitaph"- respects the original DIY spirit of Cyclope Espion while taking it to a new level.

Recorded & Produced in New York by Nate Kohrs, and Mastered in Melbourne by Tony Mantz at "Jack the Bear's Deluxe Mastering, the CD comes with a deluxe booklet featuring photographs inspired by the music, as well as an introduction text telling Cyclope Espion's story from its early days to the recording of this album.

It has been a conscious choice to stay away from the facticity of over-production and auto-tuning, both of which would have entirely been against what this music started as.

On the contrary, it is a true and honest account & representation of Cyclope Espion's spirit that Producer Nate Kohrs captured with Friday Night Epitaph.

Cyclope Espion has been heard on

Cyclope Espion a été diffusé sur:

-Declic Radio (Interview/France)

-RUN Radio (Belgium)

-Radio 6 (Scotland)

-RKC (Worldwide)

-Radio Festival (France)

-Friendly Radio (France)

-Virgin Radio (Interview/Valence/France)

-France BLEU (Interview/France)

Cyclope Espion is currently featured on the Playlist of the MoMa Museum Bookstore in New York City

News -

January/Janvier 2019

Interviewed Live on air on France Bleu Radio (Drome/Ardeche, France), also available on replay as a podcast.


Interview en Live sur France Bleu le Mercredi 23 Janvier à Midi. Aussi disponible à l'écoute en format podcast sur leur site.


LIVE SHOWS IN JAPAN: January 2019!


December/Décembre 2018:

Interviewed on Virgin Radio (Valence, France)


Interview enregistrée chez Virgin Radio Valence pour diffusion par segments du Mardi 11 décembre au Vendredi 14 décembre à midi et rediffusion juste vant 18h.

November/Novembre 2018:

Album added on Friendly Radio, Avignon (France)


L'album a été ajouté à la playlist de Friendly Radio (Avignon)

June/Juin 2018:


6 songs from the album are now on rotation on Radio Festival 93FM in France.


6 chansons tirées de l'album sont désormais en rotation sur Radio Festival 93FM (Drome/Ardeche)


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